International Conference

Conference on Intelligent Text Processing
and Computational Linguistics



Alexander Gelbukh (Ed.)



National Polytechnic Institute


Table of Contents


Preface. p. 1


1          Computational Linguistics


1.1        Computational Linguistic Theories


1.1.1   Meaning Û Text Theory and Functional Formalisms


Invited talk:

Igor A. Mel’čuk, Canada.
Semantics and the Lexicon in Modern Linguistics. p. 6


Invited talk:

Richard Kittredge, USA, Canada.
Interlingual Modelling: An Applications Perspective. p. 19


Jasmina Milicevic, Canada.
Communicative Structure of Sentences as a Means of Controlling the Generation of Paraphrases. p. 30


Valery D. Solovyev, Russia.
Improving Semantic Component of the Meaning Û Text Model. p. 49


Igor Bolshakov, Alexander Gelbukh, Grigori Sidorov, Mexico.
On Subject-Predicate Agreement in Spanish. p. 59


Leo Ferres, Canada.
Thematic Proto-Roles and Argument-Predicate Interaction. p. 68


Serge Sharoff, Russia.
Application of Object-Oriented Approach to Linguistic Modeling. p. 88


1.1.2   HPSG and Unification-Based Formalisms


Tony Badia, Roser Saurí, Spain.
Enlarging HPSG with Lexical Semantics. p. 101


Natalia Brines, England.
The Spanish Impersonal Construction: A Lexical Rule-Free Analysis of the Cliticalization Process. p. 123


Karine Megerdoomian, USA.
Unification-Based Persian Morphology. p. 135


M. Vilares Ferro, D. Cabrero Souto, and M.A. Alonso Pardo, Spain.
On Non-Termination in DCGs. p. 150


Julio Sergio Santana, Nora la Serna, and Luis Pineda, Mexico.
Towards a Computational Grammar of Spanish. p. 166


1.2        Lexicon


Carlos Rodríguez Penagos, Spain.
Extraction of Knowledge about Terms from Indications of Metalinguistic Activity in Texts. p. 167


Patrick J. Cassidy, USA.
An Investigation of the Semantic Relations in the Roget’s Thesaurus: Preliminary Results. p. 181


1.3        Parsing and Disambiguation


Ted Pedersen, USA.
An Ensemble Approach to Corpus-Based Word Sense Disambiguation. p. 205


Remko Bonnema, Paul Buying, Remko Scha, Holland.
Parse Tree Probability in Data Oriented Parsing. p. 219


Olga Nevzorova, Russia.
Context-Dependent Mechanisms for Recognition of Semantic Role of a Word in the Sentence. p. 233


M. A. Ibarra Rivera, Aurelio López López, J. Favela Vara, Mexico.
Sentence Disambiguation Using a Restricted Spanish Lexicon Extracted from WordNet. p. 244


M. Vilares Ferro, D. Cabrero Souto, and F.J. Ribadas Pena, Spain.
On Integration of Parsing and Tree Matching Schemes. p. 257


1.4        Semantics and Pragmatics


Invited talk:

Graeme Hirst, Canada.
Context as a Spurious Concept. p. 273


Roussanka Loukanova, Bulgaria / USA.
Nominal Scope in Situation Semantics. p. 288


Gregers Koch, Denmark.
A method for Making Computational Sense of Situation Semantics. p. 308


Gregers Koch, Denmark.
Some perspectives on Induction in Discourse Representation. p. 318


Luis Villaseñor, Antonio Massé, and Luis Pineda, Mexico.
Towards a Multimodal Dialogue Coding Scheme. p. 328


Jordi Atserias, Irene Castellón, Montse Civit, German Rigau, Spain.
Semantic Analysis Based on Verbal Subcategorization. p. 330


1.5        Phonology


Esmeralda Uraga, Enrique Sucar, and Luis Pineda, Mexico.
A set of phonological rules for Mexican Spanish. p. 341


2          Intelligent Text Processing


2.1        Text Summarization


Everardo García Menier, Mexico.
On Automatic Text Summarization: Some Ideas and an Illustration. p. 344


2.2        Document Categorization and Clustering


Gerardo Sierra, John McNaught, Mexico, England.
Analogy-Based Method for Semantic Clustering. p. 358


M. Alexandrov, A. Gelbukh, P. Makagonov, Mexico, Russia.
On Metrics for Keyword-Based Document Selection and Classification. p. 373


M. Alexandrov, A. Gelbukh, P. Makagonov, Mexico, Russia.
Some Keyword-Based Characteristics for Evaluation of Thematic Structure of Multidisciplinary Documents. p. 390


2.3        Information Retrieval


Carmen López-Rincón, Jaime Sarabia Álvarez-Ude, Spain.
Semi-structured Documents Reengineering. p. 402


Emmanuel Giguet, Nadine Lucas, and Grégoire Cousin, France.
Document Structure Identification as a means for Relevant Indexation. p. 415


Author Index. p. 429