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Conference on Intelligent text processing and Computational Linguistics

February 13 to 19, 2000

Mexico City, Mexico


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Welcome message from the Program Chair



General information

The conference is intended to the exchange of opinions between the scientists of different countries in the growing area of computational linguistics and intelligent text processing We do not refine to this or that particular area of this science. Our idea is to get a bird's-eye view of the state of art in computational linguistics.

The conference is held at the Center for Computing Research (CIC) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), Mexico. The National Polytechnic Institute is one of the largest universities in the world with over 120,000 students. The Center for Computer Research is recently created center of this institute that is now one of the leaders in research in different areas of computer science.

The conference will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, from February 13 to 19, 2000.

One of the exciting things at the conference, of course, not counting the conference itself, is its cultural program that includes excursions to the ancient Indian pyramids and visiting a unique nature phenomenon - Monarch Butterfly wintering site where there are millions of insects on several square kilometers.

Please see the updated version of this text as well as the details of our cultural program at


Areas of interest

Areas of interest include, but are not limited by, the following topics, as long as the topic is presented in computer-related or formal description aspects:

In particular, papers on the following narrower themes are especially welcomed:



All the accepted papers will be published in CICLing-2000 Proceedings volume or in the book titled Computational linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing by IPN Publishing House, Mexico.

Notes: The title of the book is tentative. The editor of the book keeps the right to propose the size and the necessary changes for each article individually, and also to select the articles taking into account consistency and coverage of the book.



Registration fee is $100 (US dollars) paid on site (registration fee for students is $35). A limited number of reduced registrations for students, participants from underdeveloped countries and local participants will be available. To apply, please contact the organizing committee and justify your application.


Important dates


Conference committees

International Program Committee:

  1. I. Bolshakov (CIC-IPN, Mexico)
  2. P. Brusilovsky (Carnegie Mellon U, USA)
  3. P. Cassidy (MICRA, USA)
  4. A. Gelbukh (program chair, CIC-IPN, Mexico)
  5. A. Guzmán-Arenas (CIC-IPN, Mexico)
  6. K. Hasida (Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan)
  7. Ya. Harada (Waseda U, Japan)
  8. Hyong-ju Kim (Colégio de México, Mexico)
  9. L.-F. Lara-Ramos (Colégio de México, Mexico)
  10. N. Laufer (Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Russia)
  11. A. Lopez-Lopez (INAOE, Mexico)
  12. Igor Mel’chuk (U. Montreal, Canada)
  13. J. Milicevic (U. Montreal, Canada)
  14. O. Nevzorova (Kazan State U, Russia)
  15. L.-A. Pineda-Cortés (UNAM, Mexico)
  16. G. Sidorov (CIC-IPN, Mexico)
  17. S. Sharoff (Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Russia)

Organizing committee:

  1. P. Galicia-Galicia
  2. S. Galicia-Haro
  3. M. Montes-y-Gomez
  4. C. Ulloa


Invited speakers 

We are very sorry to announce that the talk of Graeme Hirst (U. Toronto, Canada), will be almost definitely cancelled by the reasons not depending on the Conference organizers.


Submission guidelines

We accept only electronic submissions. Please send us your submissions as attached files with the word "Camera-Ready Submission: [your name y/o title of your paper]" in the Subject field.

The camera-ready format guidelines can be found in or Please see an example of the format in (with Word 7 styles) or


Hotel info

The rooms will be reserved in the hotel **** El Ejecutivo: Address: Av. Viena # 8 Colonia Juarez Mexico 06600 DF. Tel. (+52) 5566-6422, 5566-6565, fax for reservations 5535-5088.

Rates: single room US$35, double room $38.50 ($19.25/person), triple room $42.50 ($14.17/person).

Here: you can see a booklet with some info and a local map, and here: the other side of the booklet. Notes: the info is in Spanis, sorry. The text is not readable well. The images are rather large, ca. 300 KB.


Local transportation guide

How to get to the Hotel:

At the airport, ask for the authorized taxi service. It is located to the leftmost part of the airport building (as you see it when come out of the customs), there you pay to a window and receive a ticket. You do not pay anything to the driver. When buying the ticket, you indicate the zone that in your case will be "Zona Rosa," or "Zona Central". You pay about US$10 (100 pesos) or less.

To the taxi driver, tell the address: Zona Rosa, Calle Viena, #8, hotel "El Ejecutivo." Please print out this page and show the address to the driver.

How to get to CIC, the conf place:

See the local site map at You are advised to print out this image. See at a photo of the building.

Taxi: The taxi from the Central zone should cost about 30 pesos (US$3). Go to the Subway station "Politecnico," pass it, pass one building more (car dealer Ford MYLSA, a glass building), turn right and enter the IPN, the nearest 3-floor pink building is the CIC. Please print out this text and show it to the taxi driver: "Por Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas al Metro Politecnico, pasarlo, pasar un edificio mas -tienda de autmoviles seminuevos MYLSA-, dar vuelta a la derecha (por la calle Venus), entrar en el IPN."

Metro: Yellow line, (terminal) station Politecnico, exit to "Calle Diana", walk along the car circulation by the large street ("Eje Central"), pass one building (car dealer Ford MYLSA, a glass building), turn right and enter the IPN Institute territory, the nearest 3-floor pink building is the CIC.

Car: Take Ave. 100 Metros (Eje Central "Lazaro Cardenas") northwise. Pass the bus station "Terminal de Autobuses del Norte" (to the right), pass the tower of the Mexican Oil Institute (to the left). When crossing Eje 5 Norte (Montevideo), move to the right lane of Ave. 100 Metros. Pass the Subway station "Politecnico," pass the Ford car dealer MYLSA, turn right into Venus Street. Leave ID car at the entrance gate to the Politecnico. The first building is CIC, a pink square 3 floor building.

Address: Av. Juan de Dios B tiz and Miguel Oth˘n de Mendiz bal Ote, s/n. Unidad Profesional "Adolfo Lopez Mateos" of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, CIC Building. Zip code: 07738. Mexico City, MEXICO.

In case of any problem:

Call me at home: 5597-0709 (local phone) or at work 5729-6000 ext. 56544, 56602, Alexander Gelbukh. If I am not at home and someone else responds, please speak English (do not speak Spanish).


Tentative Schedule

The conference Program can be found at


Cultural Program


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