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from the Program Chair


With the International conference CICLing-2000 we start a series of annual CICLing conferences on Computational Linguistics and intelligent text processing.

On CICLing-2000, over 30 talks will be presented by the participants from Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Holland, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and the United States. We are especially proud to announce the invited talks by Igor Mel’čuk (Canada), the author of the Meaning Ű Text theory of language understanding and automatic translation, and Richard Kittredge (USA), a specialist in machine translation and multilingual text generation and the President of CoGenTex, Inc. The conference will also feature two informal discussions on the corresponding issues moderated by these our guests.

According to its name – Conference on Intelligent text processing and Computational LINGuistics – the conference will mainly focus on the following topics:

·        Computational linguistics theories and formalisms, such as Meaning Ű Text theory, HPSG, etc.;

·        Specific issues in syntactic parsing and semantics;

·        Applications in information retrieval, document analysis, and text classification.

The conference will be mainly oriented to specialists in computational linguistics and text processing. At the same time it will give the novices the idea of the current tasks and problems of both computational linguistics theory and the practice of natural language processing, as well as of the methods used in these areas. For the students, the conference will be a good introduction into the state of the art and the cutting edge of the current research in the area.

To our knowledge, this conference will be the first large international conference specifically devoted to Computational Linguistics to be held in Mexico. We hope that it will give the local students a chance to meet the active researches of all over the world working in the area, as well as give our guests an opportunity to see Mexico, a country which they no doubt will not be able help falling in love with.

The conference will be held in Mexico, a marvelous country with rich culture, history, and nature. It will feature an extensive cultural program, including excursions to the most interesting tourist attractions – both archeological and natural – that can be reached within one day from Mexico City.

Though the talks will be published and delivered in English, by specific request of the audience the majority of the talks can be either delivered in Spanish, or supplied with a short presentation in Spanish, or the questions and answers can be translated from/to Spanish.

Welcome! ˇBienvenidos!



Alexander Gelbukh,

Program Chair of CICLing-2000