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CICLing hall of fame:
Past keynote speakers

Sophia Ananiadou   2013
Ricardo Baeza-Yates   2004
Srinivas Bangalore   2012
Marco Baroni   2017
Pushpak Bhattacharyya   2018
Christian Boitet   2005
Eric Brill   2003
Jill Burstein   2009
Erik Cambria   2015
Nick Campbell   2004
John Carroll   2012
Ken Church   2009
Walter Daelemans   2013
Ido Dagan   2008
Mona Diab   2015
Pascale Fung   2016
Gregory Grefenstette   2007
Iryna Gurevych   2017
Eva Hajičová   2008
Graeme Hirst   2001
Jerry Hobbs   2014
Eduard Hovy   2006
Nancy Ide   2006
Jing Jiang   2018
Aravind Joshi †   2003
Sylvain Kahane   2001
Lauri Karttunen   2015
Martin Kay   2004
Adam Kilgarriff †   2003
Richard Kittredge   2000
Kevin Knight   2005
Alon Lavie   2008
Dekang Lin   2009
Bing Liu   2014
Bernardo Magnini   2009
Suresh Manandhar   2014
Chris Manning   2011
Daniel Marcu   2005
Diana McCarthy   2011
Kathleen McKeown   2007
Igor Mel’cuk   2000
Tomáš Mikolov   2016
Rada Mihalcea   2006
Ruslan Mitkov   2002
Marie-Francine Moens   2012
Raymond Mooney   2007
Johanna D. Moore   2014
Roberto Navigli   2013
Joakim Nivre   2015
Kemal Oflazer   2008
Ted Pedersen   2003
Soujanya Poria   2018
James Pustejovsky   2010
Philip Resnik   2004
Ellen Riloff   2005
Salim Roukos   2012
Ivan Sag †   2002
Björn W. Schuller   2017
Hinrich Schütze   2017
Fabrizio Sebastiani   2018
Michael Thelwall   2013
Simone Teufel   2016
Jun'ichi Tsujii   2011
Hans Uszkoreit   2011
Piek Vossen   2016
Yorick Wilks   2002
Shuly Wintner   2010




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CICLing 2019

April 7 to 13, 2019
La Rochelle, France


Call for papers


Preslav Nakov
QCRI, Qatar
  Paolo Rosso
UPV, Spain
Lucia Specia
U. Sheffield, UK
  C. Strapparava
FBK, Italy





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CICLing is a series of international conferences devoted to computational linguistics (CL), intelligent text processing, natural language processing (NLP), human language technologies (HLT), natural-language human-computer interaction (HCI), and speech processing and speech recognition (SR).

Their topics of interest include, but are not limited to: text processing, computational morphology, tagging, stemming, syntactic analysis, parsing and shallow parsing, chunking, recognizing textual entailment, ambiguity resolution, semantic analysis, pragmatics, lexicon, lexical resources, dictionaries and machine-readable dictionaries (MRD), grammar, anaphora resolution, word sense disambiguation (WSD), machine translation (MT), information retrieval (IR), information extraction (IE), document handling, document classification and text classification, text summarization, text mining (TM), and spell checking (spelling).


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* Some of CICLing events were prepared with participation of CIC-IPN ACM student chapter.
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Notes: Lecture Notes in Computer Science was indexed in ISI JCR / SCIE up to 2006; currently CICLing is indexed in ISI Thomson Web of Science and Scopus. CICLing has been also known as Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics. CICLing is not affiliated in any way with WASET ICCLITP conference, which copied our wording.


Keywords. Information for search engines: CICLing-2000, CICLing-2001, CICLing-2002, CICLing-2003, CICLing-2004, CICLing-2005, CICLing-2006, CICLing-2007, CICLing-2008, CICLing-2009, CICLing-2010, CICLing-2011, CICLing-2012, CICLing-2013, CICLing-2014, CICLing-2015, CICLing-2016, CICLing-2017, CICLing-2018, CICLing-2019, CICLing-2020, CICLing-2021, CICLing-2022, CICLing-2023, CICLing-2024, CICLing-2025, CICLing-2026, CICLing-2027, CICLing-2028, CICLing-2029, etc., are related with natural language processing, PLN, human language technologies, computational linguistics, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sentiment analysis, opinion mining, deep learning, software, Artificial Intelligence, Mexico, Gelbukh. In Spanish:procesamiento de lenguaje natural, PLN, lingüística computacional, morfología, sintaxis, semántica, pragmática, recursos léxicos, diccionarios, programas, recuperación de información, búsqueda, manejo de documentos, clasificación de documentos, minería de texto, Inteligencia Artificial, México, Gelbukh. See also the file list and site list.