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Our preferred contact option is email. However, keep in mind that email is unreliable nowadays; if you do not receive a reasonably prompt answer, then try sending the message again. If this does not work or the issue is urgent, then please use Skype or phone; see these contact options on Alexander Gelbukh's page.


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Please avoid sending us any faxes. Copyright forms are to be submitted as high-resolution scanned images along with the camera-ready papers. If you do need to send us a fax, please contact us for the number.

Street address

Please avoid sending us any hard copies (including copyright form): we might not receive them on time. Whenever possible please use email for all communication.

Prof. Alexander Gelbukh,
CIC -- Centro de Investigacion en Computacion,
IPN -- Instituto Politecnico Nacional,
Av. Juan Dios Batiz s/n esq. Av. M. Othon Mendizabal,
Col. Nueva Industrial Vallejo, C.P. 07738, Mexico D.F.


More contact options can be found on the personal page of Alexander Gelbukh.



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