CICLing 2015

Local Information and Conference Venue

Venue and Location

The conference will take place at Nile University, which is located in Sheikh Zayed (6th October City). Sheikh Zayed City is a calm and safe city situated about 15 km from Lebanon Square, Mohandseen. It is bordered on the north by the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, on the south by the 26 July Corridor, and on the west by the neighboring 6th October City.

The exact address of Nile University is: Juhayna Square, Sheikh Zayed District, Giza, Egypt. The exact location of Nile University on Google maps can be found at: You can find more on Sheikh Zayed here:

Getting from the airport to your hotel

Depending on the traffic, the trip to your hotel may take from 45 mins if there is absolutely no traffic (doesn’t really happen in Cairo, unless you arrive between 2:00 am and 6:00 am), to  two hours if there is heavy traffic.  You mainly have two options for getting to your hotel.

Option 1: You can contact your hotel directly and ask them if they can arrange for someone to pick you up for an extra fee. Because Cairo Plaza is a smaller hotel, it will probably not be able to offer this services to all its guests. The contacts for the three official hotels are as follows

Option 2:  Take a taxi from the airport. There are lots of taxis at the airport, but if you are going to catch one from there, please make sure it is  metered or agree on a price with the driver before you go with him. The cost of the ride should be around  $30 (could be slightly less or slightly more).  You might also find useful information on this page: Most taxi drivers will accept only local currency, but that should not  be a problem as there is a currency exchange service at the airport.

Services and Outings Close to Nile University and Hotels

There are many places near Nile University (5 to 10 minutes by car) where you can go for dining, shopping, banking.

Legal Notes: