CICLing 2013

Local Information and Conference Venue

Transportation and Accommodation

For general questions concerning local arrangements, please contact the local@ address as indicated here.


Greece is a member of the Schengen Area; see the corresponding rules for short-term entry visas.

VERY IMPORTANT: The most interesting conference tour will be to Ephesus, located in Turkey. To participate in this tour, you need a DOUBLE-ENTRY Schengen visa to Greece and a single-entry visa to Turkey. Check here whether you need a visa to Turkey and how to get it.

If you need a formal invitation letter, please contact the visa@ address as indicated here and specify whether you need a hard copy original or a scanned image is sufficient, and any other details on how we can help you in applying for the visa.

Getting there

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Official hotel

The official hotel is Samos City Hotel. Staying all in the same hotel is a very important part of the conference experience and socializing. Often people meet together in the lobby or restaurant of this hotel to talk or go out together for walking around. Every day the transportation to/from the conference venue or tours will depart/arrive from/to this hotel. Announcements will be given in the lobby of this hotel.

In addition to Samos City Hotel, we have negotiated special prices for CICLing participants with the nearby Aeolis Hotel, as well as with Emily Hotel and Aria Boutique Hotel. To get the following special prices (including breakfast and taxes) please mention you are a CICLing participant during your booking:

Hotel         Single room   Double room
Samos City   ★★★   40 Euros 50 Euros
Aeolis   ★★★   40 Euros 60 Euros
Emily   ★★   35 Euros 45 Euros
Aria   ★★★   38 Euros 48 Euros

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For issues concerning the organizers of the conference (not for booking!), please contact the hotel@ address as indicated here. For booking or specific questions on the conditions at the hotel, please contact the hotel directly.

Conference Venue

The conference will be hosted in Multiplex "45" hall, located 8km south of Vathi and 6 km north-east of Samos airport. See the map above for details.

Getting Around

Emergency information

    To be announced

Local information

Samos is one of the eastern Aegean Sea islands in Greece. Vathi (also called Vathy or Samos town) is the capital and largest town of the island. Samos has a rich history and interesting archeological sites.




Eupalinos tunnel


Karlovassi church


Karlovassi: Ayia Triada




Logothetis castle



Mikro Seitani beach






Potami beach


Tsamadou beach



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