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Registration Form


Registration and payment are separate per each paper and per attendee: if you have more than one accepted paper, please fill in the form separately for each paper; if two authors of the same paper will attend the conf, each of them should fill in the form and pay, individually.

In case of changes, you can fill in this form again; we will use the latest information you saved. In case of any doubt please do provide us with information first (this is urgent), and later you can modify your data. However, each time you save the form please save it complete, with all fields filled in: saving the form with empty fields erases your previous information.

Fields marked with (*) are required

Your data

First Name*:
Last Name*:
Paper number: (0 if you do not have any paper, and leave Title blank)
Paper title:
Will you attend the conference?  
Data for the badge
Name as you wish it to appear on the badge
Do you speak Spanish?
Registration Fee
We could not provide a way of paying via credit card or transfer (though we did our best). Payment will be in cash on site, in dollars or euro (Mexican residents can pay in pesos). The price below is in dollars; the price in euros will be calculated via the current exchange rate, with appropriate rounding.

Authors pay the early fee. If you have contacted us before the deadline, you will pay the early fee. By filling in this form you do not yet pay, but promise to pay: we will plan our expenses basing on your promise.


Early $390 USD Professional    
  $280 USD Student    
Late $490 USD Professional    
  $380 USD Student    
Special $ USD Discounted fee (in case of special arrangements or waiver)
Extra Extra LNCS books, $60 USD each
      (in addition to one free with your registration)
  Extra volumes of poster session proceedings, $10 USD each
     (in addition to one free with your registration)
  Extra pages: $10 USD per extra page
     (over the page limit indicated in the CFP)
  Sending you the proceedings & receipt via mail: $100 USD
     (in case you do not plan to attend the conf; use 1 to receive one package)

Cultural program

Please reserve your place at the tours and banquet (if we manage to organize the banquet), by ticking the checkbox. These are included in your fee, but we can only assure places for people who ticked these boxes. The extra tickets will be added to your fee, except for the banquet ticket -- we will add it later when we know for sure whether we organize it.

I’ll go to Sunday tour: Teotihuacan pyramids,
accompanying persons (15.00 USD per extra ticket)
I’ll go to Wednesday tour: Monarch Butterfly wintering site,
accompanying persons (15.00 USD per extra ticket)
I’ll go to Friday banquet (in case if it is organized),
accompanying persons (30.00 USD per extra ticket; not added now to the total)
I’ll go to Saturday tour: Cacahuamilpa Cave and Xochicalco pyramids,
accompanying persons (15.00 USD per extra ticket)


Total to pay: $ USD

Data for the bill

Please indicate here all the data exactly as you want it to appear in the bill: the name (this does not have to be your name), organization, address, or whatever you wish to appear in the bill. Mexican residents should indicate the RFC and fiscal address.

We strongly recommend that all attendees stay together in the same hotel. The official hotel is Tulip Inn Ritz. We will provide transportation between this hotel and the conference, and we have a very good discounted rate at this hotel: 500 pesos (below 40 dollars).

The hotel asked us to have a double booking procedure, to be sure: please contact the hotel directly and book a room directly: Beatriz Salamanca (beatriz dot salamanca at tulipinnritzmexico dot com); +52 (55) 51 30 01 60 ext. 112, mobile +52 (1) 55 91 89 41 88. They may ask you to provide a credit card number, to charge the first night. Please clearly indicate in the comments in the booking form that you come to CICLing, otherwise you will not get the discount. Please also clearly indicate this at the hotel desk when you arrive, and check that the price is 500 pesos. Note: please do not reserve the room via the webpage; only by contacting Beatriz.

In addition, please type in the information for us, so that we can double-check and pass the list to the hotel. If you do not want a room, just leave it blank.

Type of room: single double other
Check-in date: (month-day)

Check-out date:

I want to share my room with

Indicate a name of another participant, or if you don’t care, just indicate “male” or “female”. Leave blank if you do not want to share your room.

Press the button to save the information.
To make any changes later, please fill in this form again and save it again;
we will use the latest version (but don't pay again!).


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