Dear Alexander Gelbukh:

On behalf of the SCI'2001 Organizing Committee I would like to invite you to participate in The Fifth Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, from July 22 - 25, 2001. Therefore , I am sending you the respective Call for Papers.

We are making emphasis on the area of Artificial Intelligence which is related to your specific area.

I would like you to consider the possibility of organizing an invited session related to a topic of your research interest. You can find information about the suggested steps for invited session organization in the Call for papers and in the conference web page (

If you are interested in organizing an invited session, please, fill the respective form provided in the conference web page, and we will send you a password, so you can include and modify papers in your invited session

Could you please deliver the Call for Papers I am sending you?

If you need a detailed Call for Papers don't hesitate in asking us for it.

If the deadlines are tight and you need more time, let me know about a suitable timing for you and I will inform you if it is feasible for us or not

Best Regards,

Professor Nagib Callaos
General Chair SCI 2001
IEEE/Computer Society (Chapter: Venezuela) Chair



July, 22-25, 2001

Orlando, Florida(USA)
Sheraton World

Honorary Presidents: Bela Banathy, Stafford Beer and George Klir
Program Committee Chair: William Lesso
General Chair: Nagib Callaos
Organizing Committee Chair: Belkis Sanchez


* Information Systems Development
* Information Systems Management
* Management Information Systems
* Virtual Engineering
* Mobile/Wireless Computing
* Communication Systems and Networks
* Emergent Computation
* Image,Acoustic,Speech and Signal Processing
* Computing Techniques
* Human Information Systems
* Education and Information Systems
* Control Systems
* Economic and Financial Systems
* SCI in Biology and Medicine
* SCI in Psychology, Cognition and Spirituality
* Conceptual Infrastructure of SCI
* Natural Resources
* Human Resources
* Globalization, Development and Emerging Economies
* SCI in Art


WOSC: World Organization on Systemics and Cybernetics (France)
The Center for Systems Studies (UK)
Systems Society of Poland
Society Applied Systems Research (Canada)
Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society
Simon Bolivar University (Venezuela)
Polish System Society (Poland)
Italian Society of Systemics
ISSS: International Society for the Systems Sciences (USA)
ISI: The International Systems Institute (USA)
IFSR: International Federation of Systems Research (Austria/USA)
IEEE / Latinamerica
Cybernetics and Human Knowing: A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics and Cybersemiotics (Denmark)
CUST, Engineer Science Institute of the Blaise Pascal University (France)
Concurrency and Architecture Group, the Telematics Engineering Department of The Univesity of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Spain).
The Tunisian Scientific Society (Tunisia).


The International Institute of Informatics and Systemics.


Those interested in participating in:
the Organization of Invited Session(s)
the Organization of a Focus Symposium
the Reviewing Process
the Conference Promotion
Recommending Scholars/Researchers in order to have an active participation and/or submit the papers.
Proposing Organizations/Institutes/Universities as Academic/Scientific Co-sponsors.

Please enter to the conference web site ( and fill the respective form.If you have any problems linking to the conference web site, or you need to send or receive additional information, contact the General Chair Professor Nagib Callaos:


Participation of both researchers and practitioners is strongly encouraged. Papers may be submitted on: research in science and engineering, case studies drawn on professional practice and consulting, and position papers based on large and rich experience gained through executive/managerial practices and decision-making. For this reason, the Program Committee is conformed according to the criteria given above.


* Research
* Review
* Position
* Report
2.Panel Presentation, Workshop and/or Round Table Proposals
3.New Topics and Invited Sessions Proposals(which should include a minimum of 5 papers)
4.Focus Symposia(which should include a minimum of 15 papers)


Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent taking into account the following format:

1. Major theme of the paper, related to the major themes given above.
2. Paper title.
3. Extended abstract of 500 to 1500 words and/or paper drafts of 2000 to 5000 words, in English.
4. Author or co-authors with names, addresses, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent to the conference web site (,filling the respective form and uploading the respective paper or extended abstract.If the conference web site is not accessible for you, you can also make your submission by internet, or attach it to the folowing address and Exceptionally, three copies of extended abstracts or paper drafts might be sent to the following postal mail address and/or faxed to the following numbers:

SCI '2001
7525 Karlov Avenue
Skokie, Illinois 60076

Fax Numbers:

1-407-8566274 (Orlando, USA)
58-2-9621519 (Caracas, Venezuela)


January 24, 2001. Submission of extended abstracts (500-1500 words) or paper draft (2000-2500 words)
January 24, 2001. Deadline for invited session proposals.
February 21, 2001. Deadline for papers acceptation's.
April 13, 2001. Deadline for camera-ready papers: hard copies and electronic versions


Submitted papers will be checked. Accepted papers, which should not exceed six single-spaced typed pages, will be published by means of paper and electronic proceedings. The papers should be sent by internet and by means of diskette and photoready hard copies of artwork.

Best papers will be selected for awards and recommended for journal publications.

Multiple author books will be published by iiis, based on the best-invited sessions, the best focus symposia or best mini-conferences.


Based on past conferences experience we suggest the following steps in order to organize an invited session:

1) Identify a special topic in the scope of SCI 2001, and the invited session title.

2) Fill the invited session organization form, provided in the conference web page. If you don't have access to the web, contact the General Chair, via e-mail,

3) If the identified topic is suitable, the General Chair will accept the proposal, and you will receive an acceptation by e-mail, in few days. This acceptation is not a final approval of the proposed session, but a pre-approval.

Final approval will depend on identifying at least five papers for the proposed session and informing, at least, about their titles. With this acceptation a) the proposed session will be included in the conference web page as well as its organizer and chair name: and b) its organizer will be able to announce his/her invited session in the context of SCI 2001, by any media that he/she thinks appropriated, such as: Web page, hard copy call for papers, call for papers attached to e-mails, etc.

4) Contact researchers and/or practitioners in your field to see if they can contribute a paper to your proposed session and attend at SCI 2001.

5) Collect the extended abstracts or the paper drafts from each prospective participant.

6) Write a summary (1-2 page) with the main objectives, which must be related to the invited/selected papers.

7) As soon as you have 5 papers, you will complete the form in regard to the invited session papers, provided in the conference web site.

8) Step 7 will take your invited session to the status of an approved one, if the papers fulfil all the requirements (papers quality, etc). All the approved invited sessions will be included in the SCI 2001 conference program.


Integrated by (210) prestigious scholars/researchers from 54 countries. Details can be found in the conference web page ( or asked for a detailed Call For Papers, by e-mail.


The conference fees will be $330 before April 13, 2001 and $380 after April 13, 2001.This fee will include:

* A CD-ROM version of the Proccedings
* One volume of the hard copy version of the Conference Proceeding. (Other volumes will be available with a 30% of discount for participants)
* Coffee breaks
* Welcome Reception


Prof. Nagib Callaos (General Chair)
E -mails: (Academic) (Personal) (Business)

USA Phone: +1
USA Fax: +1 (407) 856-6274
Venezuela Tel/Fax (office): +58 (2) 962-1519
Venezuela Fax (office): +58 (2) 272-2832

Conference Secretariat

Other contacts and More details can be found at the Conference web page ( Answers to specific questions can also be requested by e-mail.